Microsoft Search Answers Tips and Tricks

Site Search Scope must be tenant
Microsoft search answers are not working on the site if site search scope is site-wide or hub-wide

Microsoft Search Bookmarks

Lost descriptions

Microsoft Search Bookmarks: When you are working with drafts and trying to publish one or multiple drafts with top menu “Publish” button – it loses descriptions.
Same bug when you “Revert to draft” – descriptions are gone.
Publishing or unpublishing a single item from editing page – all good.

Updating bookmarks

When updating bookmarks – make sure you keep “Id” field.
I.e., if you want to update existing bookmarks – you export bookmarks, edit what you want preserving ‘Id’, upload bookmarks.
You’ll see “This import is ready. Found ‎2‎ bookmarks to add and ‎3‎ bookmarks to update.” and “Import complete:Bookmarks: ‎2‎ added, ‎3‎ updated”.

If you are importing new bookmarks from the CSV file and there are existing bookmarks with the same Name or Url – you will get “There are some errors. Review the import file, and then try again.”. Also you will not be able to publish bookmarks.  From bookmark editing page – you’ll get something like “A bookmark with that title already exists.”.
Clicking “Publish” button – “Couldn’t publish successfully. Please review and update the selected items.”

Duplicated keywords

Preparing a CSV file to import and coming up with keywords – it’s easy to enter the same keyword twice.
So, if you are importing draft bookmarks with duplicated keywords – import will be successful, but if you try to publish it – you will get “There are some errors on the page. Please review and update any highlighted fields. If no fields are highlighted please try again later.” or “Couldn’t publish successfully. Please review and update the selected items

So, if you are importing Published bookmarks with duplicated keywords – import will fail.


Multiple acronyms

You can have multiple acronyms. Unique “Stands for” field is required.
I.e. you can add  two DSC acronyms, one would stands for “Desired Configuration State”, the other would stands for “Decommissioning Service Center”.

Updating acronyms

To update existing acronyms – you must preserve an “Id” field. Otherwise you’ll get “1 acronym was not imported. View issues” or “… acronyms were not imported. View issues” errors.

Triggering acronyms

To trigger acronyms you must use something like

  • define DSC
  • what is DSC
  • DSC definition

Just typing DSC in the search bar will not work for acronyms. See an article from MS.